Alex Bergstrom


You can find Alex on Twitter as @alex_bergstrom

Alex is a web geek from Stockholm, Sweden who co-founded the website Smarta Högtalare (Smart Speakers) in December 2017. He works as a digital marketer at Equator (P.S – Equator is recruiting, see more on their digital marketing careers page)

Alexa Skills that Alex has developed:

Fab Music Quiz 

An Alexa skill about one of the best bands ever, The Beatles. In this quiz, you will get asked 5 multiple-choice question from a vast bank of Beatles trivia questions. Questions are adapted to cater for both beginners, intermediates and true Beatle experts. This is one of few Alexa skills out in the Amazon Skill store that was developed by a Swede…

Available on Amazon skill store via this link.

Start the skill by saying “Alexa, open fab music quiz!”









Other side projects: